*Decontamination Response Services Coronavirus COVID - 19*

With available trained in-house environmental technicians, equipment and supplies, 1 Priority Environmental Services is providing cleaning and decontamination services in response to the outbreak of COVID-19. 1 Priority’s decontamination services for COVID-19 will:

  • Follow the protocols and methodologies recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other recognized health organizations

  • Utilize EPA registered viral disinfectants suitable for the work space and surfaces requiring cleaning and application of disinfectants

  • Provide properly trained technicians wearing personal protective equipment as required by the protocols and as recommended by the disinfectant manufacturers

  • Work with clients, or when applicable, their third-party environmental professionals to establish site specific Decontamination Work Plans and Protocols to effectively and efficiently decontaminate work spaces


Ownership In The Industry Since 1985



1 Priority Environmental Services, Earth Services & Abatement,
Snyder Environmental and Simpson Environmental
have partnered together to form EIS Holdings,
now a Top 3 Abatement Firm in the U.S.

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At 1 Priority Environmental Services, LLC, we are a premier provider of specialty environmental services. We completed our merger with Earth Services & Abatement, Inc., Snyder Environmental and Simpson Environmental.  This combination, forming EIS Holdings, LLC has created one of the top three abatement companies by revenue in the U.S., according to the Engineering News-Record’s top abatement contractors list.

Our staff and management have successfully completed over 30,000 compliant, on-time, and at-budget projects for many of the nation’s largest and most respected companies, shopping malls, educational facilities, and governmental agencies. We currently have twenty-two locations throughout Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, New Mexico, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota and Wyoming. We are licensed to perform asbestos removal in several more.

We are a privately-held environmental services company. Our top priority is the safety of our team members and anyone with which we work. We’re proud of the contributions we have made to the industry since 1985. We continue to develop innovative solutions for our customers and invest in our employees to make sure we sustain the safest work environments.

Our Services/Industries

We serve a variety of industries, including:

  • Commercial

  • Industrial

  • Asbestos Bridges

  • Residential

  • Multi-Family

  • Oil/Gas

  • Governmental

  • Utility

  • Military

  • School

We are bonded up to $60M and insured for up to $10M. Our typical bonding capacity is up to $8M per project, but we can go higher. We also have insurance coverage up to $10M for:

  • General Liability

  • Contractors Pollution

  • Completed Operations

  • Professional Liability

  • Personal Injury

  • General Aggregate

Our services include many things, such as asbestos abatement and lead abatement. With such, we can remove lead from anything, including bridges.

Mold remediation is likely a requirement for your business. In Texas, you need a license to remove mold, and we have one. Please call or email us with questions about our services and skills.

$10,000,000 Insurance Coverage

1 Priority Environmental Services, LLC. has up to $10,000,000 of coverage for:

  • General Liability
  • Completed Operations
  • Contractors Pollution
  • Professional Liability
  • Personal Injury
  • General Aggregate with Umbrella Liability addition

$60,000,000 Bonding Capacity

Typical Bonding Capacity up to $8,000,000 per project

Approximately $60,000,000 aggregate

Higher Capacities are Available

Our Services

  • Asbestos Abatement

    Experienced and compliant asbestos abatement and asbestos removal contractor with 8 locations.

  • Lead Abatement

    We provide a full scope of services to support any Lead Abatement or Removal project, including Bridge Lead and Asbestos Abatement.

  • Mold/Microbial Remediation

    This legislation is still in place today and Texas is now one of a few states that require licensing for mold.

  • HVAC System Air Duct Cleaning

    Certified air duct and HVAC system cleaning / decontamination contractor dedicated to improving.

  • Bird Deterrents

    1 Priority Environmental Services performs a variety of avian abatement and related services for the deterrent, mitigation and cleaning due to the nesting and dwelling of migratory birds, bats and rats and other creatures from bridges and buildings.

  • Industrial Services.

    1 Priority offers the services of match marking, dismantling, packaging and crating, relocation and reassembly of industrial equipment and complete facilities nationally and internationally.

  • Bridge Abatement- Asbestos and Lead

    1 Priority has performed over 900 asbestos and lead abatement projects in Texas and Louisiana, with ability to safely and efficiently complete projects throughout the U.S.

  • Oil & Gas Pipelines

    1 Priority’s work for oil and gas pipelines has included the removal of asbestos / tar sealants and coatings.

  • Transite Pipes and Panels

    We remove asbestos panels, asbestos roofing, and siding. 1 Priority specializes in the safe removal of transite pipes for utilities, municipalities and industrial facilities

  • Biohazard/Viral/MRSA Staph Infection

    Decontamination of toxic chemicals and waste and other contaminants utilizing skilled technicians.

  • Selective and Interior Demolition

    1 Priority can provide the seamless addition of performing non-structural selective and interior demolition for non-hazardous building materials which can include interior walls, ceilings, finishes and even utilities.

  • Animal Feces & Guano Cleaning.

    1 Priority performs decontamination, cleaning and deodorizing services that arise from the unwanted infestation, droppings or nesting of any variety of animal, rodent, bird or pest.

Feature Project

  • North Tarrant Express

    The North Tarrant Express project was a $1.9 Billion Dollar managed lanes project performed by Bluebonnet Contractors. 1 Priority conducted the removal of asbestos containing tar coatings from oil and gas pipelines at the cut points, and when necessary we cut the steel pipe to allow the utility to remove the lines from the roadway excavations.

  • TXDOT BMPO Bridge Asbestos Abatement

    1 Priority Environmental Services, LLC. currently manages asbestos abatement for bridge upgrades and repairs throughout the State of Texas for the Texas Department of Transportation under their BMPO program.

  • Tanker Spill at Textile Mill

    1 Priority Environmental Services, LLC. provided emergency decontamination services for a tanker spill from a collision of two Norfolk Southern Corporation trains at Avondale Mills textile mill immediately after toxic chlorine gas released from that crash floated through the plant. There was 6-8 inches of cotton in the HVAC air duct system which soaked up the deadly chlorine and we decontaminated over 100,000 square feet of ducts in 18 days; 6 days ahead of schedule.

  • Oil Refineries

    1 Priority Environmental Services, LLC. handled the mold remediation for two Conoco-Phillips plants that occurred as a result of flood damage, logging in over 23,500 technician hours working 7 days a week to keep operations running in the Flow Control rooms, Mechanical rooms, Electrical rooms, Offices and Pump Stations.

  • Textured Paint Coating Removal

    1 Priority Environmental Services, LLC. removed 348,000 square feet -- approximately 12 miles of roadway -- of asbestos containing paint coating from concrete highway walls, bridge walls, barriers and bridge abutments for TxDOT providing a Uniform Blast Finish final product for consistent aesthetics and roadway beautification.

1 Priority Environmental Services, LLC.

We offer our clients what they need - a full range of Abatement, Indoor Air Quality, and Decontamination services - at a competitive price with an excellent reporting and compliance record. We manage our projects safely and complete all projects correctly the first time. We do our best to develop customers for life.

1 Priority Environmental Services is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, with regional Texas offices located in Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Gatesville (Fort Hood), Lubbock, and have regional offices located in Shreveport and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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