{ Migratory Bird Deterrent & Repellant Services }

Migratory Bird Deterrent & Repellant Services

1 Priority Environmental Services performs a variety of avian abatement services such as deterrent, repellant, mitigation and cleaning due to the nesting and dwelling of birds from bridges and buildings. 1 Priority understands the regulations of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, 16 USC §703-711 and Texas Parks and Wildlife Code Title 5, Subtitle B, Chapter 64, Birds. We can assist owners in providing timely bird deterrent devices and coatings to prohibit these protected birds from nesting and laying eggs on structures that will require maintenance, construction or demolition activities. Don’t let your bridge or building demolition or maintenance project get delayed due to the nesting of migratory birds and don’t let inexperienced or unaware crews knowingly or unknowingly violate these stringent regulations and laws. Our experienced crews are trained to ensure 1 Priority’s work is in compliance with the applicable requirements of the various federal and state regulations and guidelines. 1 Priority will effectively install deterrent coatings or devices and will take special care to maintain designed aesthetics and integrity of the structure requiring the work.

Services include:

  • Nest removal
  • Power washing
  • Installation of deterrent spikes, netting
  • Application of repellant gels, coatings

Migratory Bird Deterrent & Repellent Services. 1 Priority. Your Solution.