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SAFETY is Our #1 Core Value

1 Priority holds the central belief that safety is everyone's responsibility so that nobody gets hurt. We hold the belief in Zero Incidents, are achievable each day and on every project. Training hazard recognition and safe work practices is an integral part of 1 Priority's corporate culture. We have an exceptional health and safety program that is at the core of our culture throughout all levels of our organization.  

Our primary objective is to eliminate risk of injury or illness for all employees. To facilitate this objective, we conduct hands-on training, classroom and field, in accordance with, but not limited to, OSHANFPA, and DOT regulations.

We support a Drug-Free Workplace and have developed a best in class safety program that enables out teams to consistently achieve the Target Zero objectives by investing consistently in providing continuous education, training and technical best practices sharing regarding safety at each of our locations. 

Elements of the 1 Priority Safety Program Include:

  • A formal corporate safety policy that is fully endorsed by executive leadership
  • A management performance appraisal system that evaluates standards of safety performance as a key performance metric
  • A comprehensive up-to-date accident prevention plan manual with a calendar of procedure reviews that ensures safety elements remain central to the culture
  • Written safety responsibilities by job description
  • Training that includes professional orientation, a written examination for certification, safety handbook, and an in-depth job site orientation program
  • A formal substance abuse prevention program
  • A formal supervisor and employee safety training program
  • A certified EHS officer that performs safety training, planning and ensures refresher and certification compliance for all employees and subcontractors
  • Safety awareness programs
  • A corporate safety audit process


1 Priority is a DRUG-FREE Workplace is a Healthy Workplace.
  • 1 Priority Environmental Services has a formal substance abuse prevention program requires employee participation
  • Employees receive extensive information on the effects of usage and abuse, as well as usage prevention methods
  • Supervisors receive comprehensive training in behavior observation and job performance assessment of employees and subcontractors
  • All employees are subject to drug and alcohol testing, including pre-employment, random, annual, reasonable suspicion, post-accident and follow-up
  • Medical referral for the assessment and treatment of substance abuse
Did You Know...
  • The Texas Department of State Health Services requires that as of January 1, 2002 (Senate Bill 509) all commercial and public building owners have to provide an asbestos survey to city municipalities before obtaining construction permits for any renovations or demolition.

  • "Friable" means that the asbestos is easily crumbled by hand, releasing fibers into the air allowing it to be inhaled or ingested. Sprayed on asbestos insulation is highly friable.

  • Asbestos was used in boiler and pipe insulation, plasters, floor tile, electrical insulation, and as a fireproofing material on structural members in buildings. It has also been sprayed on ceilings and walls as acoustic material.

  • Of the six types of asbestos, three are used more commonly. Chrysotile (white) is the most common, but it is not unusual to encounter Amosite (brown / off-white), or Crocidolite (blue) as well.

  • In biblical times, asbestos rocks were broken apart and the fibers were used to weave tablecloths. When the banquet was over, the soiled tablecloth was tossed in the fireplace for cleaning and the fire burned off everything and the tablecloth was ready for the next meal.

1 Priority Environmental Services, LLC.

We offer our clients what they need - a full range of Abatement, Indoor Air Quality, and Decontamination services - at a competitive price with an excellent reporting and compliance record. We manage our projects safely and complete all projects correctly the first time. We do our best to develop customers for life.

1 Priority Environmental Services is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, with regional Texas offices located in Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Gatesville (Fort Hood), Lubbock, and have regional offices located in Shreveport and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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